Who Is Sharleen Spiteri Married To? Discover The Secret To The Texas Frontwoman’s Love Life!

Who Is Sharleen Spiteri Married To? Discover The Secret To The Texas Frontwoman's Love Life!

Sharleen Spiteri is a name that needs no introduction in the world of music. As the lead singer of the popular rock band Texas, she has captured the hearts of millions with her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence. However, while her professional life may be well known, many are curious about the person behind the music. In this article, we will delve into the personal life of Sharleen Spiteri and answer the question that has been on many fans’ minds – who is Sharleen Spiteri married to? Keep reading to find out more about the love life of this talented musician and the lucky person who has captured her heart.

Who is Sharleen Spiteri Married to? Discover the Secret to the Texas Frontwoman’s Love Life!

Sharleen Spiteri, the lead singer of Scottish band Texas, has been making music and captivating audiences for over three decades. With her powerful vocals and charismatic stage presence, she has become a well-known and beloved figure in the music industry. But while fans are familiar with her talent and career, many may not know much about her personal life, particularly when it comes to her love life. Who is Sharleen Spiteri married to? Let’s uncover the secret to the Texas frontwoman’s love life.

Sharleen Spiteri is currently married to chef Bryn Williams. The couple tied the knot in 2018, after being together for over a decade. Williams is a well-known chef in the UK, having worked in renowned restaurants such as The Orrery and Galvin at Windows. He also owns and runs his own restaurant, Odette’s, in London.

But this isn’t Spiteri’s first marriage. She was previously married to magazine editor Ashley Heath. The couple got married in 2001 and have one daughter together, Misty Kyd. They divorced in 2005 but remain on good terms and co-parent their daughter.

Spiteri’s love life has not always been smooth sailing. In an interview with The Guardian, she revealed that she had a “disastrous” relationship in her early 20s, which left her heartbroken. She also shared that she has had a few relationships that didn’t work out, but she has no regrets.

Despite her past experiences, Spiteri has found happiness with her current husband, Bryn Williams. In an interview with Red Magazine, she gushed about their relationship, saying, “We’re a really good team. We have a lot of fun and we make each other laugh.” She also shared that they both have busy careers, which means they have to make an effort to spend quality time together.

The couple’s love for food and cooking has been a big part of their relationship. In the same interview, Spiteri revealed that they have a rule where they don’t eat out without each other. They also enjoy cooking together and hosting dinner parties for their friends.

Spiteri and Williams’ wedding was a low-key affair, with only close family and friends in attendance. The couple’s daughter, Misty, played a special role as the ring bearer. Spiteri wore a simple, elegant dress and walked down the aisle to the sound of bagpipes, a nod to her Scottish heritage.

In addition to being married to a chef, Spiteri also has a love for cooking and even released her own cookbook, “Home Cooked,” in 2013. She also appeared as a guest judge on the TV cooking competition, MasterChef UK, in 2018.

In conclusion, Sharleen Spiteri is married to chef Bryn Williams, and the couple has been together for over a decade. They share a love for food and cooking, and their relationship is built on teamwork, laughter, and quality time together. Spiteri’s past relationships may not have worked out, but she has found happiness and love with her husband, and they continue to support each other in their respective careers.In conclusion, Sharleen Spiteri is happily married to Bryn Williams, a celebrity chef. Their relationship has stood the test of time and serves as a testament to their strong bond and love for each other. As one of the most beloved and talented musicians in the industry, Sharleen’s personal life continues to inspire and captivate her fans. We wish this power couple a lifetime of happiness and success in their marriage.