Uncovering The Mystery Of Calvin Harris’ Love Life: Who Is He Dating?

Uncovering The Mystery Of Calvin Harris' Love Life: Who Is He Dating?

Welcome to our guide on the topic of “who is Calvin Harris dating?” The world-renowned DJ and producer has been making waves in the music industry for years, but his personal life has also been a subject of much interest. In this article, we will delve into the dating history of Calvin Harris and explore his current relationship status. So, let’s find out who this talented and successful artist is dating!

Uncovering the Mystery of Calvin Harris’ Love Life: Who is He Dating?
who is calvin harris dating

Calvin Harris is a world-renowned DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter. He has achieved massive success in the music industry, with multiple chart-topping hits and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business. However, despite his fame and success, Harris has managed to keep his love life relatively private, leaving fans curious about his romantic relationships. In this article, we will uncover the mystery of Calvin Harris’ love life and take a closer look at the women he has been linked to in the past.

Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, was born on January 17, 1984, in Dumfries, Scotland. He began his music career in 2002, releasing his first album in 2007. However, it wasn’t until his collaboration with Rihanna on the hit song “We Found Love” in 2011 that Harris became a household name. Since then, he has released multiple successful albums and singles, solidifying his place as one of the top DJs in the world.

Harris’ first high-profile relationship was with British singer Rita Ora. They began dating in 2013 and were together for about a year before calling it quits. The split was amicable, and both parties have remained friends. Harris even wrote and produced Ora’s hit song “I Will Never Let You Down” during their relationship.

In 2015, Harris started dating American singer and actress, Taylor Swift. The couple was often seen together at events and even collaborated on the song “This Is What You Came For.” However, after over a year of dating, they called it quits in 2016. The breakup was not as amicable as Harris’ previous one, with Swift going on to date actor Tom Hiddleston shortly after.

After his split from Swift, Harris was linked to a few different women, including Mexican actress and singer Eiza González and British model and actress Suki Waterhouse. However, these relationships were never confirmed, and it’s unclear if they were anything more than casual flings.

In 2017, Harris began dating American model Aarika Wolf. They had previously dated in 2014, but their relationship ended when Harris started dating Ora. However, in 2017, they rekindled their romance and were spotted together at several events. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last, and they broke up in 2018.

Since then, Harris has been linked to several other women, including model Tinashe and singer Tove Lo. However, none of these relationships have been confirmed, and it seems that Harris is currently single.

In conclusion, Calvin Harris’ love life has been a subject of interest for many fans. From his high-profile relationships with Rita Ora and Taylor Swift to his rumored flings with other celebrities, Harris has managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. While he may be currently single, there’s no doubt that the talented DJ will continue to make headlines with his music and collaborations in the future.In conclusion, there has been much speculation surrounding who is Calvin Harris dating. While the DJ and producer has kept his personal life fairly private, it is rumored that he is currently in a relationship with model Aarika Wolf. Whether or not this is true, Calvin Harris continues to make headlines with his successful music career and is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after bachelors in the entertainment industry. Only time will tell who the lucky lady in his life truly is, but one thing is for sure – Calvin Harris remains a highly sought-after figure both in the music industry and in the dating world.